In early August, we completed a successful crowd-funding campaign that raised more than double its original goal, and surpassed the $150,000 in funding that ITVS rescinded from "Citizen Koch."

The film was 226% funded at $169,552; support ranged from $1 to $5,000 with an average pledge amount of $50.10. According to Kickstarter, out of 46,405 successfully funded Kickstarter projects, less than 1% have had more than Citizen Koch's 3,384 backers. We are humbled by this tremendous outpouring of support and uplifted by the thousands of voices joining with us and speaking out against censorship and in favor of independent media and journalism.

"The people with all the money don't get to make all the rules. I am grateful for the opportunity to stand up--to stand together--in a community of people to make sure that this important story is told. Thank you... for making this film, and for inviting all of us to participate in getting it before the public. This is the best $ I'll spend all month."  -- a Kickstarter backer

In addition to building a community and raising much needed finishing funds that allowed us to pay debts resulting from ITVS' withdrawal of support, the Kickstarter campaign attracted press that made connections between the story of big money influencing politics (the film's content) and the story of big money influencing media (our experience with ITVS), including broadcast appearances (MSNBC and Current TV), radio, online and print coverage. A highlight of this coverage was a story in mid August in The New York Times written by media reporter Brian Stelter.

"Kickstarter said the number of backers -- 3,400 -- put "Citizen Koch" in the top 1 percent of all the campaigns the Web site has hosted. ,,, what the filmmakers have are fresh funds, thanks to the Web. And one more thing that filmmakers everywhere cherish: persuasive evidence, via the fund-raising drive and the petition, that thousands of people want to watch what they have produced."--New York Times 8/12/13