Help Us Make a Stand Against Censorship, by Carl Deal & Tia Lessin

In our new film “Citizen Koch,” we look at the effect of unlimited campaign spending unleashed by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizen’s United case. The title is intended as a metaphor for the outsized influence wealthy individuals and corporate interests have in our democracy.

We can’t get the film out to you now and we want to tell you why and give you a chance to change that.

“Citizen Koch” premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival and was headed to public television. But then, because of billionaire David Koch’s donations to PBS and his position on the board of one powerful PBS station, the public agency that funds and curates independent documentaries withdrew its financial support and its broadcast partnership for “Citizen Koch.”

It’s the very thing our film is about — how the money of the few drowns out the voices of the many.

Today, we are launching a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $75,000. While this represents only half of the public monies withdrawn from this film, this is the critical amount needed to ready ”Citizen Koch” for distribution.

Public television’s decision to drop “Citizen Koch” to placate a powerful donor stifled a public airing of critical perspectives — including those of the many Republicans featured in the film who witnessed with growing outrage how moneyed interests skewed their government’s priorities.

But we aren’t giving in to censorship. We’re working hard to bring “Citizen Koch” to you and we need your help to do it.

Click here to show your support for independent filmmaking and take a stand against censorship by making a pledge to “Citizen Koch” today.

Please help us close the budget gap that is keeping ”Citizen Koch” from its nationwide release.

Every dollar and every day counts – it’s an all or nothing campaign – if we don’t reach our goal of raising $75,000 by August 7, we don’t receive a single penny of the money we need to get this film out into the world. This would be a resounding win for corporate money's ability to censor our voices and the voices of those we filmed.

Learn more about ”Citizen Koch” by watching our video on Kickstarter and then please make your pledge in any amount you can afford today.

Thank you so much for your support.

Carl Deal & Tia Lessin