Q&A Moderated by Michael Moore

We’re writing from the Cherry Capital Airport -- headed back to New York after three extraordinary screenings of our film at the Traverse City Film Festival. “Citizen Koch” was honored with a special festival award and also by audiences who came out in droves -- each of our three screenings were filled to capacity, and we had the longest standby lines of any at the fest. There was a lot of love here for “Citizen Koch” and we’re more determined than ever to get it out to communities throughout the country, and around the world.

We were so happy to be joined in Michigan by Brian Cunningham, a Wisconsinite who appears in the film, and his family. Brian has shown tremendous courage in standing up for his convictions and publicly calling out the big money in his own party: “People like the Koch brothers have bought the Republican Party,” he tells us in the film. “It’s not my party anymore.”

Here’s a link to the Q&A we all did after a Saturday matinee screening at the historic State Theater, a movie house that the Motion Picture Association of America recently named as the best place to see a movie in the world! Filmmaker and festival founder Michael Moore moderates the discussion. Hope you enjoy.


(video courtesy of The Traverse City Film Festival)

As we countdown the last three days of this campaign, we just hit 3,000 backers. Thank you for being a part of that. All the money pledged will help ensure that “Citizen Koch” reaches audiences throughout the US and throughout the world!

If you’d like to see “Citizen Koch” have a lasting impact, would you do one more thing for us today, and challenge a friend to match your pledge? Share the campaign using this link:

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Carl & Tia