An Incredible Milestone

We passed the $150,000 mark yesterday in the Citizen Koch kickstarter campaign. That’s exactly the sum of money that public television executives committed to “Citizen Koch” in April of 2012, and then took away a year later to placate PBS donor and trustee David Koch.

Now, thanks to nearly 3,000 small dollar donors across the country -- we can finish the movie and focus on making sure that everyone who cares about a free, fair and democratic country has the chance to see it for themselves.

Words cannot fully describe how grateful we are to each of you who has pledged money, shared the campaign with family and friends, volunteered in our office, tweeted about the film, and sent us kind words of encouragement. We're so proud of what we've accomplished together

The money raised to date on Kickstarter will pay for the final edit, the final sound mix, the film’s score and graphics, color correction, creating mastered elements for distribution, licensing archival footage and music rights and other costs associated with distribution, including making a digital cinema version of the film and digital cinema prints.

We have five days left in this campaign and there's so much we can do in that time. If we can raise an additional $50,000, we’ll be able to organize screenings in all 50 state capitals -- where the big money juggernaut is doing the most damage to our Democracy. We’ll also create and distribute a free classroom study guide and tools for the hundreds of community groups that are planning screenings and events.

It’s not over yet.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Carl & Tia